Edward W. Hedrick
Attorney At Law  - Superior Court Certified Mediator - 980-428-9858 
Ed Hedrick is a Superior Court Certified Mediator. He serves as both a court-appointed mediator and party-selected mediator.

In the 1980’s, I was a member of Hedrick, Eatman, Gardner & Kincheloe where I defended insurance carriers, self-insureds and defendants in hundreds of lawsuits and hearings before the North Carolina Industrial Commission.  I left my defense practice in 1990 to begin a plaintiff’s practice at Downer, Walters, & Mitchener in Charlotte.  For ten years as a plaintiff’s attorney, I represented plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits as well as workers’ compensation claims.


 I have argued matters before the Full Commission and the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Over the years, I have taught seminars in the areas of evidence, risk management, and various aspects of the Workers’ Compensation Act.  I have written and nationally marketed law office case management software; and headed the legal and regulatory departments at CT Communications.


My past defense experience affords me the ability to understand the perspective of insurance carriers and their adjusters. An awareness of the particular professional demands of an adjuster, as well as the relationship between carrier and defense attorney, is essential to consistently facilitating settlements.  


In my practice as a plaintiff’s attorney, I learned the delicate balance between representing a client to the best of my ability and recommending a settlement. The best marketing for a plaintiff’s attorney is a happy client; and the mediation process should enhance that satisfaction. I believe that understanding this dynamic is essential to consistently facilitating settlements.